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KFC - Anti Baby Policy

We needed to stop and feed our baby son last weekend. We stopped at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food restaurant, in Newark Lincolnshire. I took the baby milk bottle out to be heated, only to find a sign saying that they will not heat baby bottles. This is the first time I've come across this, but I believe this is a KFC policy rather than a feature of this particular outlet.

This is the first so called family friendly place I have been to that has refused to warm babies bottles. Some insist on heating the bottles behind the counter for health and safety reasons, but this is the first one to refuse to heat the bottle - and even advertise their anti-baby policy. This must be the most anti-baby restaurant I've ever come across. We then went to the McDonalds next door that were happy to help in warming the baby bottle.

KFC use health and safety as the reason, but it seams that everyone else in the country manages to find a way around this rather than hiding behind this excuse.

Here is a list of other examples that have been used in other restaurants / cafes etc.

  • Bottle Warmer accessible directly by the parent (Service stations / some supermarket cafes)
  • Bottle Warmer flask (Weatherspoons)
  • Bottle Warmer behind the counter (some supermarket cafes)
  • Jug / water container on or behind the counter (some bars / restaurants)

The most expensive of these options is about £25 - so it doesn't exactly break the bank. KFC need to get their act together on this, in the meanwhile if you have a baby with you that may be hungry then you will want to avoid KFC.